Online Assessment in the Classroom


  • Cheryl Wachenheim



online assessment, proctoring, teaching tip


The COVID pandemic brought the sudden introduction of remote online assessments to courses designed for traditional in-person offerings. Instructors learned new techniques for developing and implementing online assessments and became proficient in their offerings. Students quickly grew accustomed to completing assessments online.

As I returned to the classroom, I retained my use of online assessments and combined them with in-person proctoring. I have continued this rather simple technique to reduce paper usage and decrease exam management and grading efforts. My in-person students in all my classes continue to take their exams online, but they do so on their own computers in the classroom. Another unexpected benefit from this practices is that, when allowed responses and points allocation are reconsidered after students have completed the exam, the change across all students can be accomplished with a single change in an online exam. I suspect the practice of online exams proctored in the classroom has been adopted by others, and offer it as an efficiency for others.


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