About the Journal

The NACTA Journal is directed toward the scholarship of teaching and learning and the professional advancement of the teaching of agriculture and related disciplines. The Journal presents manuscripts based on the scholarship of teaching and learning, creative thought, theoretical models, and case studies in which the teaching and learning experience is examined through a theoretical framework and the implications for application are fully explored.   Whether traditional classroom or extension-related, its primary purpose is to strengthen professional competence in college and adult teaching.


NACTA Journal research manuscripts may take various forms including the following:

  • New method or theory: a study presenting a logical, systematic, and coherent explanation of phenomena to explain within boundaries or conditions.
  • Empirical research: a report of quantitative or qualitative data derived from observation or experience to generate knowledge.
  • Case study: an in-depth, multi-dimensional understanding of a complex issue in a real-life context.
  • Proposal for action: a response to dealing with the current teaching and learning environment.
  • Commentary: an in-depth analysis written to draw attention to published work with an emphasis on analysis and interpretation for contemporary issues.
  • Chronicle of profession: a study of past events to interpret the facts, explain the cause, and understand effect on the present.